Dad living room to take a phone 2 years old children 8 floor fall miracle survived

At that time the child consciousness is still sober
Recently, Hefei Binhu District, a district, 2-year-old Hao Hao (a pseudonym) from their own 8 floor balcony accidentally fell, fortunately, the child came to consciousness after the floor, told the doctor "I am 2 years old friends," but the doctor check Found that the child with multiple fractures and associated with pulmonary contusion, severe left kidney laceration, splenic laceration and multiple skin trauma. At present, Hao Hao is in Anhui Province Children's Hospital PICU intensive care unit for treatment, has not completely out of danger. According to the hospital PICU director Jin Danqun introduced this year, due to falls in hospital children have more than 10 cases, many of them have died because of injury too heavy. Dad received a phone call was missing August 1 at 9:30, in the Anhui Provincial Children's Hospital PICU intensive care unit, Hao Hao is well-behaved lying on the bed with the nurse aunt body temperature, do not see he had just experienced A terrible crash. Hao Hao's father introduced, the incident, Hao Hao mother went downstairs to buy breakfast, only he and his children at home, then came a phone call, he was in the living room and friends talk a few words. "I did not expect to hang up after the phone in the house how can not find his son, and saw the balcony of the window is open, I was scared ignorant, went downstairs to see, the child is sitting in the green belt crying. "Hao Hao father said, when the child consciousness is still very clear, see him, he has been saying that he fell well hurt. "The father of the father holding him, in the emergency hall call for help." Hospital emergency department nurses Miao Jiafeng recalled, Hao Hao was the head of the occipital, arms and thighs because of fractures have been deformed, cold hands and feet, consciousness is very clear, Eyes flashing. Emergency department doctor asked him how much he was very clear answer: "I am 2 years old!" The child's kidneys almost completely broken hospital emergency department quickly organized consultation, and Hao Hao carried the head, chest, abdomen, legs and so on Orientation check. Surely, the test results show that Hao Hao in addition to skin trauma, lung contusion, spleen contusion and multiple fractures of the body, the most serious is his left kidney, the child's kidneys almost completely broken, once the blood volume continues to increase, Too much cause capsule rupture, the consequences are almost irreversible abdominal bleeding. Once this unfortunate situation arises, the child will soon develop hemorrhagic shock and multiple organ failure. Fortunately, through the efforts of the child's current condition is still very good control, the life of the indications are also relatively stable. Reminders are currently in the summer of unexpected high incidence of saver group reminded, at present when the summer accidental injury period, the hospital often treated due to accidental damage to minors, to 2 to 5 age group of children up to only the last week PICU admitted car accident Injured children, fall injury in severe children there are 6 cases, one of them because the injury was too heavy when the hospital has been unfortunate brain death. Take the children do not put the energy on the phone "I hope parents do not always leave their children at home alone, do not place dangerous goods for children such as drugs, knives, etc., to accompany the child when the real companions, do not put eyes and energy Has been on their own mobile phone, do a good job of children's safety protection and education. "Jindan group said that parents usually on the child's safety education is very important, can take preventive measures, at the same time, parental supervision is also very important.

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