Blizzard caused a plant in Zhejiang Anji collapsed three self-help back to save four people

Anhui guy Wu Qiong from the collapse of the plant after the escape
The picture shows the scene. Zhao Jinfeng photo for the scene. Zhao Jinfeng in the new network Huzhou January 22 (Reporter Xie Panpan intern Li Chen? Correspondent Zhao Jinfeng) "think of which there are people injured trapped, I can not care so much, and their own nothing, go back to save . "Anhui guy Wu dome from the collapsed plant to escape, and the other two escape together, returned to the collapse of the scene, the four trapped rescued. January 22 morning 8:40 Xu, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province Anji County Xiaofeng Town Village Village Wansheng Wood Products Factory plant suddenly collapsed, an area of ​​about 650 square meters, resulting in seven people trapped in the workshop. "I was in the courtyard snow, just listen to" Wow "is heard, I subconsciously thought it was an earthquake .After a minute, only to determine the opposite plant collapsed." River village villagers Xiang Zhide described the time Scenes. Because it is uncertain what happened in the end, Xiang Zhide did not enter the collapse of the region, but immediately called the police. Reporters learned that the plant in 2007 to build a simple steel shed, the factory a total of two workshops for the manufacture of sofa wooden frame. Director for the stone, from Anhui. Anhui guy Wu dome is one of seven trapped, with a good sense of escape, quickly flee the scene. According to his memories, about 8:15 am, including the director, including several workers in the truck to the loading, loading half-car, the plant roof suddenly fell down. Wu ding out of instinct, immediately escape. In the process, he was also a drop of steel smashed, but fortunately no serious, the final dug out of the collapse of the factory area. "Even me, a total of three people themselves escaped, there are four people were trapped." Wu Qiong introduced. However, including Wu Qiong, including three lucky escape, the first reaction is not immediately away from the scene, but folded to save people. In the confirmation of each other no serious, they decided to get back to the collapse of the scene, the four trapped people rescued. Eventually, the accident caused a total of three injured, the wounded was immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment, after treatment checks, three vital signs stable, no serious injuries. It is reported that the cause of the accident was initially determined as the color steel tile (the main material of the simple steel shed) in the low temperature environment, the internal structure of the fracture, in the nearly 20 cm thick snow pressure, the collapse occurred. Huzhou Anji County Fire Brigade relevant person in charge said that the collapse of the incident sounded the safety alarm, especially during the cold wave, the relevant departments to actively organize the township staff to carry out security risks investigation, and resolutely curb the occurrence of similar incidents.

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