Cameron: Britain will resign before Wednesday night before the new prime minister

Conservative Party leader and prime minister Cameron immediately resigned after referendum
British Prime Minister David Cameron said the British will be in the late July 13th before the new Prime Minister, Te Lisa May will be the next prime minister, but also the history of the United Kingdom, the British Prime Minister Cameron said, The second female prime minister after Margaret Thatcher. Cameron in the local time on July 12 presided over the last cabinet meeting, will be announced after the resignation. According to foreign media reports, the British Prime Minister's debates and then out of the variables. Local time on the 11th, the British Prime Minister campaign, energy and climate change Minister Andrea Lede Soumu said in a statement that she will withdraw from the Prime Minister campaign. It was reported that the departure of Lid Somo made the incumbent Minister of the Interior, Teresa Meimei, the only candidate of the British Prime Minister, who may be in advance as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. According to previous reports, the British House of Internal Affairs Te Lisa May and Andrea Ledesom in the Conservative Party's second round of the party to stand out, one of them will become "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher British second female prime minister. It is reported that Lid Somo for the European camp in the important figures, she has said that the outcome of the referendum in Europe is a great opportunity for the United Kingdom. Both have said they will impose stricter immigration regulations on EU citizens after their election, but EU leaders have warned that Britain must accept the principle of free movement of the population and exclude any "special treatment" that would give Britain. Teresa May is the longest-serving prime minister in British history and a hot new British prime minister. British Conservative Party will be elected on September 9, the next leader and prime minister successor. Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister Cameron immediately after the referendum to resign, will start the task of leaving the European program to the successor.

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