Beijing Chaoyang a car park more than ten cars were smashed car property was robbed

Chaoyang District, Beijing, a parking lot more than ten car glass was smashed
The car was turned over. The car was turned over. Smashed the vehicle. Smashed the car glass. According to the public to reflect the evening of March 1, Beijing Chaoyang District, a car park more than ten car glass was smashed....... , The car was robbed of property. March 2 morning, the reporter went to Chaoyang District, Rome Jiayuan and Runfeng water Shang district near the incident parking lot, visual inspection of the parking lot can accommodate more than two hundred vehicles. Because there is no link to the owner, there are five vehicles were stuck in the scene, can see the car was turned traces. Mr. Lee said the owner was said to be smashed car prices are relatively high, he just spent more than 600,000 to buy a sport utility vehicle, ten o'clock last night in the parking lot, this morning found the window was smashed and quickly reported to the police The Fortunately, their car glass is double, not been smashed through. Another smashed owner Mr. Liu told reporters that the car was smashed glass, the car is also worth the money away, leaving only some of the old bills. Site insurance company investigators said that only Mr. Lee this car glass assessment price of 6750 yuan, the other vehicles need to further investigation of the damage situation. The parking lot staff confirmed that sixteen seven car windows were smashed in the parking lot and were actively involved in the insurance company to pay off the six cars that had paid the parking fee and had already reported that the police had been waiting for the police to handle it. Afternoon, the reporter contacted the Chaoyang District, the cottage police station, the police said the investigation is being transferred, and actively solve the case.

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