Shandong Jining original mayor Mei Yonghong Ren Shenzhen national gene bank responsible person

And as the head of the Shenzhen National Gene Bank
Beijing Science and Technology News 9, Huayuan gene announced that the former deputy secretary of the city of Jining, Shandong Mayor Mei Yonghong will join the big gene, and as the head of the Shenzhen National Gene Bank. Shenzhen National Gene Bank is the national "second five" key basic capacity-building projects, by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Commission, the four ministries and commissions and Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City, the common support construction, by the large gene construction, management and operation The Shenzhen National Gene Bank is the basis of national life science research and bio-industry and supportive service platform. According to Shandong media reports, Mei Yonghong college students Feng Kai talk about Mei Yonghong resignation, can not hide the surprise. "Yesterday in the class group know, we are very shocked." He said that many students have to call, Mei Yonghong tone is very calm, but admitted his resignation, simply said the sentence "is still outside, Inconvenience to say ", hung up the phone. The resignation, "probably still want to return to agriculture." Feng Kai said, Mei Yonghong work seriously, the pursuit of perfection, is a thought of people. It is understood that Mei Yonghong graduated from Huazhong Agricultural University Department of agronomy agriculture, and later in the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Science and Technology of the two ministries work for up to 23 years. After the transfer of the place, Mei Yonghong fully presided over the work of the city of Jining. According to Mei Yonghong's friend revealed that his friend circle has made "always keep at any time to leave the ability" article. In the big gene announcement in China, Wang Jian, chairman of the company said that Mei Yonghong had the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Science and Technology work experience, served as mayor of Jining before the former Ministry of Science and Technology Policy and Regulation and Reform Secretary for many years. By him as the head of the national gene pool, will greatly promote the national science and technology platform and social and economic development closely. (Bell)

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